Free Personal Growth Trainings

Get 5 of Mike Agugliaro’s Best Personal
Growth Trainings, Today!

Stop The Struggle. Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

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Attention: Successful business owners eager to level up the other areas of your life… The FuDog Group is offering you 5 Free Personal Growth Trainings.

Free Personal Growth Trainings

Get 5 of Mike Agugliaro’s Best
Personal Growth Trainings, Today!

Stop The Struggle. Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

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5 of Mike Agugliaro's Best Personal Growth Trainings

You’ve taken your business to the next level, now the FuDog Group wants to help you take everything in your life—your energy, your health, your relationships—everything to the next level!

We’re not talking about increasing your motivation—this is NOT Chicken Soup for the Soul™ —we’re talking about you experiencing life transformation!

We’ve put together 5 of Mike Agugliaro’s Best Personal Growth Trainings so you can experience what FuDog Group has to offer you to enhance every area of your personal life—fast!

"Decamillionaire" is the new "millionaire!" In this training, you’ll find out why many people are aiming too low in their financial goals. And you will discover exactly what it takes to create massive personal wealth that can impact generations (you will be surprised at these factors!)

Master Mind

When you harness the power of your mind, you harness your ability to create the life you want. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, deepen connections with your family, or get healthier, every outcome starts in your mind. Engineer your mind into a powerful results-generating machine!

Mike and his wife Jennifer have been together for over 30 years and they will tell you that they are living their best lives ever. In this training, they share how you and your partner can become intimate allies and tap into the relationship potential that few couples ever experience.

The Money Cure

Did you know there's a secret money code that determines whether you create more personal wealth or are limited by it? Mike Agugliaro will tell you the secret in this training. Find out how to build personal wealth and remove your limitations.

Big Moves

What could you accomplish if you could see the big opportunities and know exactly how to go after them? What if you had the confidence and step-by-step strategies for your next BIG MOVE? Discover the 7 proven steps to get confident and take massive action in times of uncertainty.



The 51 Components of Success

Mike Agugliaro built two high-8-figure companies and sold them both within 5 years... all while living his best life ever! Mike has created legacy wealth, enjoys a fulfilling relationship with his wife, and has been a martial artist for over 3 decades, while writing over 18 books and speaking to audiences around the world.

How does he do it?

He attributes his success to thinking differently and understanding that mindGROWTH (not mindset) will help enhance every area of life.

Mike believes that if you want to 10X anything in life, you have to 20X yourself! Not sure where to start? We’re going to give you the 51 ways that Mike 20Xs himself.

BONUS: The FuDog Group Best Life Assessment™

The FuDog Group Best Life Assessment™

As soon as you confirm your email address, we’re going to send you this special BONUS GIFT valued at $199. 

Right after you sign up to get the 5 Free Personal Growth Trainings, check your email inbox. We'll be sending you a confirmation email. Open it and hit the green confirm button, and, then, we'll send you the FuDog Group Best Life Assessment™ and the Human Engineering video training! (If you don't see our email, please check in your Promotions tab or maybe even in the spam folder. Once you find it, move it into your inbox and hit the green button to get your BONUS!)

The FuDog Group Best Life Assessment™ is designed to show you how to optimize every area of your life. The Human Engineering video training shows you how to score the assessment and where to go from there to start building your best life ever!

PLUS we’ll invite you to... 

Connect with other growth-minded people in a powerful community that is full of additional trainings, inspiration, and strategies to help you elevate every area of life.

Kevin Harrington (Shark on Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial, Fortune 100 Investor, Philanthropist)

Kevin Harrington, one of the original "Sharks" on Shark Tank, identifies Mike Agugliaro of the FuDog Group as a thought-leader who can help people transform their personal and professional lives.

“Mike is now sharing his formula for a full life through his company The FuDog Group,” says Kevin Harrington. “They have cracked the code, allowing people to grow and expand their entire lives to achieve the impact that they want while building the wealth that they desire…. You need to learn about FuDog Group’s unique processes which combine ancient wisdom and modern strategies to elevate every area of life.”

The FuDog Group is a growing organization of experts who are committed to transforming humanity, one person at a time.

Named for the ancient guardian lions that guarded important places throughout the Asia-Pacific region, FuDog Group brings never-before-heard insights to growth-minded people who want to enhance all areas of life.

We offer online trainings, like the 5 trainings you're getting for free, live in-person events, videos and books, and our new mindGROWTH magazine.


Hank Hayes, CEO Intuitive Self-Protection

“I've been to Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, [General] McChrystal, Grant Cardone, Brendon Bouchard, Robert Kiyosaki, Chris Widener, and, Mike, bro, this is 100% gold!”

Mike Michalowicz, Speaker & Author

“Mike started a new organization, the FuDog Group, and I will tell you I know it’s going to transform your life as much as he has transformed mine.”

Madison Staszkiewicz, Entrepreneur

“My biggest takeaway from the FuDog Group is that ‘I can do it!’ — the belief in myself. I don’t have a cap. There are no limits!!”

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